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This website features the aerial photos, videos and photogrammetry services of Anestis Samourkasidis ( Ανέστης Σαμουρκασίδης ) and his associates.

It also features information about historical aerial photos in Greece from airplane (1929-2000) or satellite (2000-today):
Page in Greek. Google translate link.

Anestis is a Greek aerial photographer, specialized for more than fifteen years in promotional aerial photography, and more than eight years in aerial surveying, flying all over Greece.
His work is featured on all major photo stock sites.

He’s a licensed drone pilot by the Greek Civil Αviatiοn Authority and EASA (Certified Remote Pilot), operating multirotor drones for regular assignments or riding on the copilot’s seat of a CESSNA 172 airplane for large or inaccessible targets. is a Registered UAS Operator (H.C.A.A. & EASA).

Always shooting in RAW and developing to TIF or JPG, giving high quality aerial photos at 20 to 48 mpx (drone) or 21 to 48 mpx full frame (airplane).

Delivered products can be Aerial Photos, Aerial Videos, Orthophotos, Orthophotomosaics, Digital Surface Models (DSM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Contour Lines (isolines), 3D Point Clouds, 3D Textured Meshes.


Since most of the customers are in Greece, this website’s text is primarily in Greek language, so here are some useful internal links:

Portfolio – Customers

Sample photos: Uses of aerial photography

Surveying services (in Greek language)

Aerial video sample

Video productions sample

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Contact information

email:  [email protected]
Phone: (+30)  6947 981 193
Office in Athens number: (+30) 211 760 70 34
Office in Thessaloniki number: (+30) 2310 359 392